Surviving Year One in Your Own Business – Part 1 of 3

Small Business Marketing - Surviving Year OneMany small businesses don’t last to see their one year anniversary. There are a few things to keep in mind that will give you and your business a chance at surviving your first year. Read part two here, and part three here.

Operating your own business is not easy – Survival requires purpose and passion

Boldly facing each day with a passion packed purpose is the shield that stands between you and the negative chants that “it can’t be done,” or “what makes you think you can start your own business.” It’s your weapon against the daily grind. A clearly defined purpose is your roadmap of the road less traveled that keeps you from choosing the path of least resistance.

As you start your new business you will face more opposition in the first years until you create a track record of small and large successes, while overcoming a variety of failures and obstacles. But if you have a clearly defined purpose for your business – what is your mission – why does your business exist – backed by passion that embraces that mission, you will have a good chance of surviving your first year in business.

Surround yourself with people who share your vision

Share the purpose of your business with friends, family and total strangers. Build alliances with capable people who enthusiastically share your vision. Distance yourself from the naysayers who can give you a list of reasons why you shouldn’t give up your day job.

Some of the people that share your vision will be a network of encouragement – believe me you need these people. Some of the visionaries will support you in other ways, finances, services, referrals, or spreading the word about you and your passion backed purpose.

Be willing to be a salesperson – if you’re not then hire one.

Sales are the life blood of your business. For some business owners it is just scary to think of themselves as a salesperson. Allow your passion backed purpose to infuse your conversations with people as you tell them about your business. Your enthusiasm will be infectious. Guard this passion and enthusiasm from energy drains caused my mundane work or negative people.

If you love your business idea but simply cannot come to terms with the concept of “selling” anything to anybody then hire a salesperson. You might find someone in your support network of friends and family that believes in your business purpose and would be willing to be your sales person.


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