Awesome Things: Watch & Learn – Lessons from Big Brands on Social Media

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What’s the common theme? What’s the appeal that all these promotional events have in common?

I’m looking through the digital brand highlights aggregated by Unmetric Blog, in one beautiful tribute to 2013, asking myself, “What’s the theme that runs through these digital events?” One word comes to mind, “stories.” Specifically stories that we find ourselves involved in.

Toyota “Wish Granted” – Step into this story. You’re either wishing you were taller or baller – having your wish granted; or your the girl who grants wishes with the snap of her fingers and the puff of purple fairy dust.

Internet Explorer “Child of the 90′s” – Can I see some raised hands on this one – Can you relate? The Internet was young and I developed my first love of all things digital. My kids were born in that decade. Lots of nostalgia to make me feel attached to this story. Although I’m not a fan of IE, it made me feel like I was connecting with an old friend.

Audi Bravery Wins – Take that awkward high school years! There are so many entry points into this story. Of course everyone relates to our hero with the kiss and the black eye. Kudos to the dad who tosses the keys to the Audi…in a massive confidence boost…to son with out a date.

Tide Miracle Stain Joe Montana – This commercial – like all the others is not a list of facts about the product or the people that use them. The story draws you in cuz you know what’s gonna happen. Somebody’s doing laundry! Where do you see yourself in that story? You’ll never look at a box of Tide the same.

Harlem Shake – Jeff Gordon Edition – Truth be told – I am so tired of Harlem Shake videos but apparently every body wanted in on this phenomenon. There’s no real story but it some how inspired the creativity across many platforms to make their own edition of the Harlem Shake.

More Harlem Shake – Red Bull Sky Dive Edition – Freaky! See what I mean? Everybody wants to shake!

Not another Harlem Shake – Nerium International – Even women’s skin care company wants to shake it up!

All shake and no story except that it’s the freaky thing that anyone, everyone can do, shoot a video and publish on YouTube. Appeal is “me too!” According to Know Your Meme by February 13, 2013 there were more than 12,000 versions of Harlem Shake Videos with 44 million views.

It’s human nature to love drama. We all love a good story. Apparently we also love a bad story . In February 2013, as the story goes, according to Travis Wright, Burger King picked up 35,000 followers in 90 minutes.  Even thought this was apparently not a publicity stunt it definitely produced a larger Twitter audience.

And who could forget the Jeff Gordon and Pepsi MAX “Test Drive” video – Catching someone by surprise on video has been a favorite theme but this took it to a whole new level. Not sure if the whole thing what a set up and not a real surprise at all. It was definitely a hit with 30M views in 13 Days.

Meet the Wolf Dog – Old Spice – This one doesn’t appeal to me but I guess it appealed to someone. Actually this appealed to 3,500 people who shared this video on Facebook.

Some people will do anything for BACON – 110,000 shares for Bacon flavored Scope Outlast commercial. We all know someone who adores bacon so this video makes a great share to the people we love.

Twinkies make a comeback July 15, 2013

“The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever!” Wow! I grew up with Twinkies in my lunch bag – I’m a health nut now but even I was sad to see that Twinkies might disappear forever. Twinkies live on! Sah-weet!

The point is that stories vicariously engage your reader, viewer, user. Even small business owners can implement even if they do not have the budget these big brands have. We all have stories and the Internet is the great equalizer.

Which if the big brand social media events – those that I linked and those that I didn’t – which one was your favorite? Weigh in on this and tell me what you think makes these events so AWESOME that they got so many likes, shares and views? What can you apply to your own business – especially if you’re not a big brand name with a marketing team and a billion dollar budget?

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  1. Francene Stanley Reply

    I must admit I don’t know any of these. Perhaps it’s because I live in England. But your point remains the same. We need to be involved to be motivated to take a step that is outside our normal existence. I must try to capture the attention of people more so they’ll read my books.

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