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Case History: Journey to Success for a Body Waxing Esthetician


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Business Category: Esthetician, Body Waxing

Duration of Project: 4 years

The Beginning:

In June 2019, an ambitious young woman was licensed as an esthetician, marking her entry into the beauty industry. With a passion for her craft and a desire to establish a brand presence that would compete with local competitors, she developed her own website. Her initial efforts bore fruit; the website quickly ranked on the first page of Google for 6 relevant keywords. But the owner recognized that in the competitive landscape of esthetician services, staying ahead would require expert help. That’s when The Small Business Guru was brought on board in November 2019 to lead a comprehensive SEO campaign.

Client’s Vision:

The client had a clear and ambitious goal: She wanted her waxing studio business revenue to touch the 6-figure mark in just one year. Understanding that because of the intricacies of SEO and the time it takes for organic growth, she committed to a minimum of 6 months of SEO service to ensure the campaign’s effectiveness.

The Small Business Guru Guarantee:

The Small Business Guru’s monthly SEO service is comprehensive, and our guarantee is twofold:

  1. Keyword Expansion: Each month, we aim to capture a minimum of 5 new keyword rankings from search phrases relevant to the client’s business. These keywords would be ones generating actual clicks to the website, ensuring quality over quantity.
  2. Net Ranking Growth: While the volatile nature of search engines means that individual keyword rankings may fluctuate, our commitment is a minimum net gain of 25 positions across all active keyword rankings.

The Outcome:

The esthetician’s faith in our strategy and persistence paid off in dividends. Instead of the 6 months she committed to, she chose to continue our full SEO Campaign for an impressive four years (up to the time of this case study). The results speak for themselves:

  • Top Position: 219 #1 Keyword Rankings
  • Top 5 Positions: 372 Keywords
  • First Page Rankings: 472 Keywords

A year into our partnership, the client didn’t just touch the 6-figure mark in revenue; she exceeded it, boasting multiple 6 figures.

Where She Stands Now:

Four years down the line, the esthetician’s business is roaring with success, approaching a million dollars in revenue. The journey from being a newly licensed professional to becoming an industry leader has been nothing short of inspiring. As she gears up to expand her empire by launching a proprietary product line and opening additional locations, we at The Small Business Guru are proud to be an ongoing part of her incredible journey.

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