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Local SEO for Multiple Service areas: Why You Should Be Using Service Area Pages

Local SEO is your ticket to connect with people in your community. If you’ve got a business in Salem, Oregon, or nearby places like Keizer, Turner, Brooks, and others, you’d want to get noticed online.

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Sure, you might be using Google My Business (GMB), which is awesome and free. But if you’re in a place like Salem, surrounded by many towns, standing out can be tough. Especially if your business provides services at your customer’s home or commercial location.

Service area pages on your website can give you an edge. Here’s why and how:

Why Local SEO Sometimes Isn’t Enough

Imagine having a business smack in the middle of Salem. But you also serve folks in Silverton and Woodburn. Now, someone in Woodburn looks up your service, and Google might not show them your business even if it’s perfect for them. This gets trickier if you have shops in multiple places around Salem.

This is where Service Area Pages (SAPs) come in to give you an upper hand.

What’s a Service Area Page?

Think of SAPs as special pages on your website talking about where you serve. Instead of just saying you’re in Salem, you’d have a page for every town or area you work in. This means you could have pages for Keizer, Stayton, or even landmarks near you. The more you have, the better you show up online.

These pages tell people what you offer, why you’re special, and guide them to pick your service.

Making Service Area Pages Work for You

For your SAP to work wonders, it needs to be built right. This means using the right words that people type in when searching. For instance, terms that are popular in Salem might not be the same in Albany. So, it’s key to do some keyword research on words for every place you serve.

When Google sees that your page answers people’s needs and follows their rules, your page gets shown more often.

Building a Good Service Area Page

Your SAP should feel like your website’s main page, being helpful and easy to use. Start by listing down all places you serve. Say your main shop is in Salem. You’d want pages for every nearby place like Dallas, Silverton, or Albany. Then, talk about what your business does.

Mix in some benefits of choosing you, but focus on what people might look for. Add related keywords, especially those tied to places.

And remember, each SAP should be different. Google doesn’t like copy-pasting with just the city name changed. Do that, and you might find yourself pushed down in online searches.

Service Area Pages: Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Service area pages are great, but they don’t replace other tools like Google My Business. It’s like using both together makes them stronger. And if you haven’t optimized GMB for service areas and a listing of all the services you offer, you’re missing out.

Finally, adding special codes (like local business schema) can help Google connect your business to a place.

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Getting all this right might seem tough. But experts, like our team at The Small Business Guru, know local SEO inside out. Whether it’s designing a website, writing for your business, or boosting your online presence, we’ve got your back. Reach out and see how service area pages can change the game for your business in Salem and nearby towns.

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