How to Use Facebook for Business on the Get More Business Show

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Facebook is one of the most important tools for inbound marketing. If you’re a small business owner and are new to the world  of social media, then this show is for you. We’ll cover what is Facebook and why you should care, as well as some of the business goals using Facebook.

What started out as a closed community for college students – requiring users to sign up with a valid university email address – has expanded to over 750 million active users including individuals, schools. small businesses and major corporations worldwide! Wow!

Approximately two thirds of U.S. Facebook users are outside the college demographic and over half are in the age range of 26 – 64 year olds (

Business Goals for Using Facebook

Businesses should not only have a page on Facebook but their business presence should be represented by a marketing strategy and someone either within the company or an outside paid professional to execute that marketing strategy. Some of the goals your business should target are listed below:

  • Get Found – Your Facebook page, especially when represented with interesting content will help you get found by people who are searching for your products or services.
  • Connect and Engage – Once people find you on Facebook you have a platform to interact about your product or service. It’s more than a sales pitch – It’s all about the customer.
  • Create a community around your business – conversation happens in a community. By reading and “listening” to your community you receive insight about what your customers want and don’t want. The surest way to grow your business is to give the people what they want.
  • Promote content you create – Facebook is an inexpensive “stage” to educate your customers on why they need your product or service and why they should come to you.
  • Generate Leads –  Isn’t this what it’s all about?

Listen into today’s show as we discuss “why Facebook” when my caller prefers LinkedIn. We discuss how to filter the “bloat of content” to get down to business. We also discussed 10 Best Practices for business on Facebook.

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