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There are thousands of people who looking for exactly what you offer…can these people find you?
Real Client Testimonial

$400,000 Annual Results from SEO?!

“When we hired Melody, we decided, you know what, we really need to start tracking everything and invest that time. If you look at leads that came through the website or from a phone call. We asked each person how they heard about us. This year (2023), there have been 1114 people so far who have called us directly from Google, and then another 358 People from filling out website forms. That is roughly 1400 leads. That is 1400 leads out of about 3000.

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The budget for SEO is about 20% of our total marketing budget, resulting in approximately 45-50% of the total leads.

If you wanted to give an actual number – we’re talking about $400,000 in revenue generated. The costs associated with that would be a mere fraction of our overall marketing budget.

The ROI on SEO work is the highest return on investment compared to our other marketing efforts.”

Jaffet Jefferson,
Referred Roof Cleaning

Salem, Oregon

Salem SEO & Digital Marketing Services

The Small Business Guru is an award winning and experienced web design and SEO team in Salem, providing cost-effective digital marketing solutions for small local businesses. We offer an industry-leading performance guarantee without requiring a time-based contract.
With The Small Business Guru’s cost-effective SEO and digital marketing services in Salem and comprehensive customer support, we will help your local business grow by attracting new qualified business. Our local keyword business in Salem offers services featuring multiple levels of affordable solutions that produce quick results. We reduce all marketing risks from our clients with quick results, one of a kind service guarantee and no long term contract.
Our SEO team in Salem consists of well-trained professionals that work hand in hand with our clients. We offer a great depth of skill and effective strategies. We are always quick to respond to your requests. With exceptional performance and lower costs, our campaigns out-compete other Salem SEO providers.

SEO Service Details

The Small Business Guru offers an elevated marketing ROI with dedicated customer support. All of our campaigns from our local keyword business in Salem are a ‘white-hat’ (ethical) SEO solution able to produce numerous 1st-page organic search rankings across the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).
We work quickly so that our clients gain measurable results within the first month of service. Each month our customers receive detailed campaign reports. We guarantee measurable results every month.

Google has 200 Factors that influence how a website shows up in search results, and has 5-600 algorithm update every year!

Our scope of work covers all of the factors that Google is most responsive to. We offer multiple levels of service that fit your business needs and budget. Your investment in SEO is the smartest investment you can make in your business. 

Ranking organically on the first page of Google and appearing in the “map pack” for as few as 100 keywords and phrases can surpass the effectiveness of paid advertisements. The greater the number of keywords your website ranks for, the more favorable the outcomes will be.

Real Client Testimonial
"As a result of working with Melody and her SEO team,
I can count on about 100 new clients a month. My Website is now on the first page of Google for nearly 500 keywords and phrases."
Salem Search Engine Optimization

SEO is The Small Business Guru’s primary service. We offer an unprecedented performance guarantee, zero set-up fees and no long-term contracts. Our campaigns demonstrate results seen within the first month!

Local Keyword Business in Salem

The Small Business Guru understands that your website must be built both for visitor experience as well as SEO friendly. Our digital marketing business in Salem completed projects that outrank many of our competitors.

Social Media Management in Salem

The Small Business Guru provides all the tools you need to get your business noticed through social media marketing. We take over the function of creating & posting content, giving you more time to focus on growing your business. 

Digital Marketing in Salem

As a local keyword business in Salem, The Small Business Guru understands how important it is to not only bring traffic to your website but to also convert website visitors to customers. We build and implement your website with sales funnels that attract and convert qualified leads

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