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Melody Campbell, The Small Business Guru - Benefits of Social Selling on LinkedIn

What is Social Selling on LinkedIn?

Social selling is a targeted social selling strategy that allows businesses to use social media platforms to find, target and gain prospects online. With social selling, businesses provide instant answers to customers online and use content marketing to drive the prospects towards the sales funnel.

In the past few years, LinkedIn has come out as the best social medium to find companies and contacts for business and marketing communication. It has helped with finding jobs, customer solutions, business news, and content sharing. It helps in social selling by making it easier to interact with the prospects and customers on an individual level until they are ready to make a purchase decision.

Benefits of Social Selling on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an important social media platform to implement and benefit from social selling strategies. It has found to drive more than half of all social traffic to B2B websites and blog pages. Here are some important benefits of using LinkedIn for social selling:

Improves Online Brand Presence

LinkedIn enables more and more of your employees to use their LinkedIn account to create and share content about your brand, which increases online interaction. There is a huge market out there that is not familiar with your brand and the value it creates. Content sharing through LinkedIn improves your brand presence online and creates awareness about your business to gain more prospects.

Builds Trust and Loyalty

Building trust and loyalty among your customers is a long process that requires patience and hard work. It depends on the ability of the business to respond to customer questions and problems, deliver the right solutions and maintain constant support for them. A business can build long term trusted social connections by building relationships and then focusing on sales.

Helps Employees to Build a Personal Brand

Using LinkedIn for social selling is not only beneficial for the customers and businesses, but it also has many benefits for individual employees. When an employee shares content and optimizes their LinkedIn profile for the business, they are able to create a personal brand. Their colleagues also start seeing them as a thought leader and social influencer by becoming a trusted source of information for customers, prospects and other businesses.

There are many benefits of using LinkedIn for social selling. It helps to focus on the prospects and in generating leads by sharing relevant content with social connections.

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