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Melody Campbell

Melody Campbell, The Small Business Guru, is a digital marketing consultant, team trainer, and action-taker. Visionary - she sees the big picture of what's possible. Strategic - she provides leadership when choosing a path to accomplish what's possible. Tactical - she specializes in creating a systematic and scalable approach to achieving marketing goals.
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Get More Business Show - #8 - Your Value Bank

Regular deposits in your Value Bank give you the right to make withdrawals, or make offers that result in sales!

Business Growth Formula = Solve for X – Your Value Bank

Deposits in your Value Bank helps your tribe to:

  • Know You – Be Authentically YOU!
  • Like You – or DON’T like you
  • Trust you

Share what matters most to your ideal customer

  • Challenges they face
  • Relief experienced when they find the right solution
  • Mistakes that happen with DIY instead of hiring an expert
  • Life or transition milestones
  • Thoughts your prospect is thinking

You are TRAINING and TUNING your tribe to become your customer.

Your prospect will TRAIN and TUNE your voice and message.

If you make regular deposits in your value bank you’ll be able to take withdrawals by making offers that your tribe is eagerly willing to pay you for.

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