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Is Search Engine Optimization Important for Business?

Yes, search engine optimization is important IF you are want qualified leads to find you in search results.

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Search Engine Optimization is the Biggest Marketing Priority

In fact, search engine optimization has been named by 61% of companies as their biggest priority (according to Key findings of their research has shown that generating website traffic has been the biggest marketing challenge for small business owners.

Paid advertising was named the “most over-rated” and unproductive marketing tactic by the business owner polled for this research. Generally speaking, most experts agree that paid advertising can definitely produce results but correct SEO optimization strategy is also essential for paid advertising to help business websites to show up in search results matching ideal prospects with digital ads.

SEO Provides 8.5 Times Better Conversion

The conversion rate for SEO is 8.5 times better conversion. That means for every one qualified prospect your business brings in with traditional outbound methods, you could be bringing in using effective SEO practices. However, this extraordinary conversion rate can only occur when the correct strategy has been employed.

Does search engine optimization work?

Does search engine optimization work?We’ve been working on search engine optimization for Waxing by Teea of Salem, Oregon. The client has two major competitors nearby that HAD been surpassing her business in search rankings. Now, Waxing by Teea outranks her competition for several keywords and she is staying very busy doing what she loves to do.

When she first contacted us about optimizing her website for improved search results Teea told us that she had been doing her own search engine optimization. She told us that between the learning about SEO and the implementation she felt like she had a second job – one which was necessary but not her area of genius.

The work we did for Waxing by Teea, in addition to gaining new keyword rankings, resulted in 46 first-page rankings – many of them out-ranking her biggest competition.

I really enjoy working with Teea because she is passionate about her business  of body waxing. She says “I have been performing waxing, intimate skin bleaching and tinting services for many years and I am passionate about it because there is no better feeling like helping someone feel their absolute most beautiful self.”

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