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Using LinkedIn for Business Growth

Our ideal prospects are “digitally connected, social engaged, mobile attached, and video hungry.” (from LinkedIn with Sales Navigator Training by Vengresso – use coupon code TSBG100). Your business growth is dependant upon how well you use social selling to engage your buyers. Those that effectively use social selling to build a quality reputation will lead the market.

Benefits of Social Selling on LinkedIn

What is Social Selling on LinkedIn? Social selling is a targeted social selling strategy that allows businesses to use social media platforms to find, target and gain prospects online. With social selling, businesses provide instant answers to customers online and use content marketing to drive the prospects towards the sales funnel. In the past few […]

Social Selling Puts the Heat into Cold Calls

Social Selling Puts the Heat into Cold Calls Download The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Profiles for Sales Professionals

When you listen to this episode you will learn: The top 4 things that every sales professional or entrepreneur should know about updating their LinkedIn Profile for effective social selling How  you can “spice up” the Contact Info section with “calls to action” to draw prospects into a warm relationship The ingredients of the “secret sauce” […]

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