Does your business “proof-hiding” disease?

Melody Campbell
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Your prospects have a problem - you have a solution. Share value ahead of time. Share empathy and understanding to demonstrate value.

Proof Hiding Disease is one of the most common mistakes I see made on websites.

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And one of the best ways to solve this problem is to demonstrate your expertise.

You can do this with testimonials, videos demonstrating your product in action, or sharing contrarian content that inspires your audience.

But I wanted to drill down with another cool way you can demonstrate your expertise…


“If you can help them articulate their problem better than they can, they see you as the one who can help them solve it.” 
Christopher Lochhead

Great marketing is customer-focused.

Dive deep into the problem your customer is experiencing.

What language do they personally use when describing their situation?

Give a voice to what they’re feeling.

You may be the only one in their life who understands what they’re going through.

Perhaps you went through the problem yourself?

If so, think back to not only the problem itself but all the implications of it.  How did it influence the rest of your life?  For example, if you sell a supplement that helps with joint pain, what was life like before it?  What couldn’t you do, because of it?  How did it feel emotionally to be in pain all the time?  Did you lose out on doing things you enjoyed?  Did you suffer with depression?  Were you frustrated with the doctors?  Did you experience side effects from drugs you were given?

What emotions consumed you?  Did you ever feel like you weren’t going to make it or you might as well give up?  Was there shame in any of the limitations?  

Maybe you didn’t go through the problem yourself, but you’ve spoken to enough people who have.  You understand what they’re going through.

Talk about the problem in detail.  

Much of human behavior is driven by the need to belong to a group and connect with others who understand us.  That need to find someone who understands us is part of our core wiring.

Be that person with empathy.

Make them say, “Finally, I’ve found someone who gets me!”

Do this correctly and you may be able to touch emotions they didn’t even know they were experiencing.  Sure, they could feel it, but they couldn’t put it into words.

Do this well enough and it becomes a form of proof.  It builds your credibility and authority in their eyes.  

If you understand the problem so well, then obviously they need to listen to your solution.

How did you solve it?

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Your Marketing Coach,
Terry Dean
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Terry Dean is one of my early mentors in learning Internet Marketing. In early 2000 he had an internship in which he provided short training and an assignment. The projects we created were used on his behalf to promote his business. I thought it was a brilliant exchange. I could learn from a “master – trust me, he has an impressive reputation in the world of Internet marketing – my activity on his behalf taught me what I should be doing in practice on my own behalf.

I shared this article because this is exactly my message to my clients. I call it “offering value ahead of time” and “speaking like you’re in their head.” This sharing value and empathy builds trust – the kind of trust that gets you hired!

Thank you, Terry, for teaching me some of what you know! And thank you for letting me share your article with my tribe.